Python: Master Programming and Development with 15 Projects

Learn complete Python with Basics, Data Science, Data Visualisation, Desktop Graphical Applications and Machine Learning

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What you’ll learn

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  • Complete Python.
  • Python basics like data types, loops, decision-making, file handling, libraries, modules, date times etc.
  • Terminal-based programming applications using Python.
  • Artificial intelligent Python game.
  • Python for desktop applications and GUI programming.
  • Creating desktop applications using Tkinter with Python.
  • Using databases using Python.
  • Turtle graphics for creating graphical applications and motion using Python
  • Real working 5+ graphical games using Python.
  • data visualization using Matplotlib in python.
  • data visualization using Seaborn in python.
  • data visualization using pandas in python.
  • data visualization using poorly and cufflinks in python.
  • data analysis using Numpy and pandas in python.
  • geoplotting using python.
  • learn to build an automatic plotter for data visualization.
  • learn to build big data analysis projects with more than 60million + of data using python.
python programming course
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  • just will to learn and achieve great things.


Are you tired of getting videos and lectures on just python basics and syntaxes or just strucked in college studies and hello world program? so I guess you have to give a try to this course this course is designed after analysing what a student need to study python. After analysing what they required and what they want in a course, how they can easily start any course but didn’t able to finish it. Now let me explain you how so this course is designed including all fields of python and for keeping the interest until the last there are actually working games as projects so that no one get bored and with that everything explained is designed in very simple and easy way. just after completing the course I guarantee that every single of you will be able to develop any kind of application using python. you will learn to create desktop applications and even controlling objects by using keyboard which I guess most of you already want to learn and also python for data science in which you will learn to create even globe maps. Now let me explain some of few topics you are going to cover-

1. Python for graphical applications.

2. Tkinter – for building desktop applications and actually user interface.

3. Turtle graphics – for learning graphical design using python and to learn controlling objects in computer using keyboard.

4. Databases – for learning that how you can store the data of your games, apps and programs.

5. Python for datascience.

6. Numpy – Learn to create data in form of datasets and analysing data using python.

7. Pandas – To create data frames and analyse them and to visualise data in form of 3-D graphs and 2-D graphs.

8. Matplotlib – To create data visualisations.

9. Seaborn – To create animated plots.

10. Plotly and cufflinks – To create interactive plots.

11. Geographical plotting – To create global scale plots.

12. Python date and time functions.

13. File handling

14. Control objects using keys.

15. Creating infinite graphical designs.

16. Functions and methods in python

17. Loops and conditionals.

18. Basics and datatypes in python.

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Coupon Code – NOVE0001

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