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Hey guys! Want to know about Spelling Frames or are interested in What is Spelling Frame is, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will get detailed information regarding this, and your all queries like How it works, What is its cost, How to learn, etc will be cleared.

What is Spelling Frame

It is one open-source (paid) website which helps your child to learn Spellings and improve the child’s English. You can say it is a home-based education website. To learning this spelling for your child, they have provided some links that can be simply accessed by any internet-connected device such as mobile or PC.

How to Learn with Spelling Frame

You can simply go to their official website and start learning. You will find some spelling rules there after reading some words if you want to play it then you have to pay for it. Below I mentioned cost details of it.

What will you Learn in Spelling Frame?

This is the website in which you can find various Spelling Frames to practise and also here they have mentioned some important rules to write spellings, so ultimately it will help your child to improve his skills.

How to register for a Spelling Frame

Learn Spellings and rules from here

Spelling Frame Cost

For reading rules and practising it is totally free but for play, you have to pay for it. For a valid subscription, you have to pay £10 for every single student per year. Or for whole-class paying rate is £ 30.

Some specifications of Spelling Frame

  • It is a brilliant platform to learn spelling rules and English.
  • Within some limitations, it is a free platform.
  • You can learn from it by sitting at your home too.
  • They have provided Topicwise Words to learn more
  • Learning with Playing.
Spelling Frame Review
It is one of the best websites or tools for your child to learns the rules of Spelling. Here all type of words is included like Example words and Statutory Words. These are from the National Curriculum of it including year 1 to year 6. Similarly spelling frame 3 and 4 these are set of rules.
You can decide your weekly timetable to spent on Spelling Frame. Like the first day to read new words the second day to get to know more about those words. On the next day, you can give a test for that words at next day play games and now you can find that whatever you have learnt that is perfectly captured by your children’s mind and also it will start to build a habit to follow the timetable.

How to attend tests in Spelling Frame

Students can simply log in to their account and can choose a set of words for practising. For your knowledge, you can give a test or play games with Spelling Frame. They are adding more games for children also work on adding more features to make learning easy. You can also record your scores and challenge your brain to make good sore next time. This will improve your brainpower to give tests.
Also if you found any difficulty to sign in to your account you can simply contact them and they will solve your problems. The way it’s working is so nice that If any student plays or try to spell the word and spelling of the word found correct then web move to next word or If the spell is wrong then they repeat spelling to improve mistakes.
Now in the period of this Covid 19 pandemic, all parents and children are at home so it is a good opportunity to learn at home by playing the game and giving tests. I will suggest you go for it. You can also make a set of your words and print it for your convenience.
Some features are also available to create a custom word list and find it by entering the listed code. This is how it is simple. Then for what you guys are waiting for. Go for it or just check it whether it will helpful to you or not.

Top Marks Spelling Frame

In our daily routine, our children can understand and can speak fluently but some writing or pronunciation mistakes remain as it is so this will help to improve them. At least your child will be familiar with the rules and try to learn it. This concept is really good and helpful. Learn from home will make your child more confident if he found his score is very good and he can solve tests nicely.
In a similar way, I will suggest you one thing. As learning from this site you can also take practise of your child by sitting beside them. Yes, you can give them some rewards if they solved any tests. So he or she will be keen to attend tests. Or if you are one teacher then you can add your whole class there and conduct various competitions.
They have made a list of some particular rules of words that ends or starts with “ai”, “oi”, “ui” and Vowel digraphs and trigraphs rules, etc. For the primary education of your child,
 it is very important to clear their basic concepts and increase their interest in learning.


I hope you guys are now clear about Spelling Frame and how it works etc. If you want then you can check it. If you want more informative posts like this then follow our newsletter to get notifications of NewsLion. Keep visiting here to get knowledge. Thanks for reading.

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